The Best Things About Joining a Vintage Car Club

Vintage car clubs and associations bring the best of two worlds together. They purvey the finest in classic cars as well as act as a meeting place for like-minded collectors. That’s why everyone who owns a vintage car wants to be a member of such an association. It’s also a great way to have a local or national network of collectors handy for advice and encouragement. Gear-hearted passion isn’t the only thing that brings together such individuals. There are more benefits to being a member.

The benefits of joining a vintage car club include the following.

Taking Part in Social Events

Vintage car clubs and associations organize regular meetups, shows, and events. Such events provide the members with great opportunities to meet each other to share in their passion. They also organize workshops on various topics, which are highly beneficial to members. Joining such organizations entitles you to attend such events and enjoyable learning experiences.

Rare Discounts

Find spare parts can be a struggle when it comes to some of these vintage beauties. Some vintage car clubs anticipate this need and actively engage in helping their members source these coveted parts. They also give members access to the best mechanics in the game to help them restore or tune-up their vintage cars. Another advantage of having a membership card is access to various car shows. Such cards allow you to show your car at events.

Appraisal and Verification

There’s no such thing as a ballpark figure when it comes to classic automobiles. This is especially true when you consider everything car owners put into ensuring their cars remain in mint condition. Membership to such clubs gives you access to appraisers that zero in on the value of your vehicle.

Access to Auctions

Vintage cars auctions and sales are often the preserve of an elite class. Membership to car clubs puts you at such a level. This might help you in your aspiration to expand your fleet of vintage automobiles. It can also give access to a network of sellers, which can be advantageous if you are looking to dispose of a few of your vintage machines.

Magazines and Other Classic Car Publication

Many vintage classic clubs publish magazines and other regular publications. Club members receive such publications free of charge. Such publications feature up to date information and other exciting pieces of news related to the world of classic autos. This includes expert tips, sales classifieds, and a calendar of related events.


Such a meeting of like minds allows people to share their passion and goals. This will enable them to help each other reach their goals with a collective spirit. Another fantastic aspect of such clubs is you can become a member even if you don’t own a classic car. It’s all about the passion and admiration for the classics.